Fertility is complicated....

Lagom Wellness uncomplicates it.



Process includes full medical and obstetrical history assessment. Goal setting (pregnancy in near future, or preservation of fertility), decision making guidance. Detailed written care plan aimed at optimizing health for fertility including; nutrition, activity, supplement recommendations, explanations of possible treatments, referrals for supplemental therapies. Support in managing anxiety, stress, depression, and expectations. Guidance with communication and difficult conversations. Strategies for key moments (before/after embryo transfer, two-week wait) Coping with loss. Motivation and commitment to treatment. Following up and accountability.


Process includes full medical and obstetrical history assessment. Risk factors and current pregnancy status analysis. Goal setting process including; identifying desired areas for improvements including; identifying support for during and after pregnancy, creating positive lifelong habits in your lifestyle, exercise and nutrition, as well as your attitude. Weight management during and after pregnancy. Newborn care. Postpartum depression assessments, and referrals. Lactation assistance. The goal of pregnancy coaching is to simplify the overwhelming amount of information, emotions and life changes being thrown at you in such a short amount of time.

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